Acoustic Lagging

AKINCO acoustic lagging and Wraps are designed to block noise that transmits through the walls of the pipe or as well as to increase the sound absorption in the cavity. Designed to offer significant reduction of radiated noise, it consists of a loaded vinyl noise barrier. SEE MORE

 Origin : Belgium

Acoustic Fabric Panel

Acoustical fabric for wrapping acoustical wall panels are designed to let sound energy into an acoustical panel to do its job, rather than reflecting sound off the surface. Acoustone speaker fabric is designed to allow sound to travel through unrestricted from the speaker. SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E & Europe

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Baffle systems are often used to reduce the noise in production areas with high humidity and special hygienic requirements where the application of plane suspended ceilings is problematic. Fabric Sound Baffles can be made using indoor/outdoor decorative fabrics.  SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E & Europe

Wooden Acoustic Panels

Wooden Acoustic Panels have longitudinal grooves and slats, machined along the length of the panel.These panels consists of a laminate finished surface, base core board(16mm or 18mm thick Medium Density Fiberboard) and black acoustic felt attached on the back. SEE MORE

  Origin : Europe

Sound Attenuator

Sound attenuators reduce noise produced by fan units and other equipment within Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.Mounted within the system’s ductwork, they ensure that a specific noise criteria is achieved within the internal or external areas served.  SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E

Acoustic Underlay

It is a peel and stick membrane ideal for reducing sound transmission and as an anti-fracture membrane. It is a rubberised asphalt membrane, which is laminated to a non-woven polyester fabric on the face and a siliconised removable release sheet on the adhesive side. SEE MORE

 Origin : Belgium

Metal Acoustic Wall Panels/Noise Barriers

High performance acoustic barriers offer an effective solution to reduce environmental noise pollution. Our certified acoustic barriers solve a wide variety of environmental noise problems that include Generator Room & Plant Rooms Walls, industrial sites, manufacturing .  SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E

BOX in BOX Constructions

For venues with louder events, we recommend the ‘Box in a Box Construction’ method to achieve total acoustic isolation. This construction is perfect for nightclubs or very noisy pubs that may be in a residential area.Box In Box Construction will totally isolate a room from the surrounding building structure.  SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E & Europe

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Our acoustic ceiling tiles comprises a medium or high density glass wool panel covered with a sandy surface of different textures, painted glass wool tissue for decorative ceiling effect. It is an economical ceiling where basic requirements are needed;fire and moisture resistance and removal.   SEE MORE

  Origin : U.A.E,Europe

Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures are a modular design which utilize our acoustic panel system to provide a high level of noise reduction for both internal and external applications. Flexibility of its design allows a range of options to be incorporated during manufacture including personnel and machinery access doors, visual panels and attenuators for ventilation.  SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E

Inertia Bases

Inertia Base and mount packages are used beneath mechanical equipments to improve stability and to minimise the vibratory movement and noise transmission due to equipment start-up,operation and run-down.They are designed and manufactured to meet with individual requirements and are suitable for mechanical equipments. SEE MORE

  Origin : U.S.A & U.A.E

Sand Trap and Architectural Louvers

Architectural or External weather louvers as a protection of air conditioning systems against the direct ingress of rain, leaves and birds into fresh air and exhaust air openings. Under certain unfavourable conditions, such as heavy rain, and depending on the airflow velocity it might happen that slight quantities of water enter together with the air. SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E

Vibration Isolation

Isolation Hangers are springs to avoid metal to metal contact. This separation is designed to isolate noise, reduce resonant vibration and lower structure-borne noise. The primarily use of Isolation Ceiling Hangers to isolate ceiling grid systems and pipe and duct work. The Isolation Spring Hangers can be used for hanging objects. SEE MORE

 Origin : U.S.A

Anti-Shock Padding on Walls

Standard quality indoor wall panel will begin with a 7/16” osb backer. To that, a layer of foam will be laminated. For indoor panels the standard thickness of foam is 2”, but which type 2” foam is laminated to the backer is the most important part of the pad (see foam). After these steps have been completed a vinyl cover is stapled over the face and onto the back of the pad.  SEE MORE

 Origin : Germany

Base Traps & Subwoofer Isolators

Designed to provide effective low frequency absorption,it delivers maximum effectiveness.The wooden front panel, covered by fabric in this has two functions, providing sufficient mid-high frequency absorption to control corner reflections without deadening the sound, while simultaneously acting as a diffuser.   SEE MORE

  Origin : Germany


Acoustic Stretch Fabric Wall System

A stretch wall system is the obvious choice for a clean looking, flexible system that will surely meet the design and acoustic goals for any project.It can cover any size wall and has no lath,no wall preparation.Our Stretch Wall System is a virtually seamless acoustic panel system, configured and installed on site at your facility.  SEE MORE

 Origin : Europe

Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam is a lightweight material made from polyurethane foam either polyether or polyester. It is usually cut into tiles – often with pyramid or wedge shapes – which are suited to placing on the walls of a recording studio to act as a sound absorber and it reduces or eliminates echoes,background noises by controlling the reverberation,thus enhancing the sound quality within a room.  SEE MORE

 Origin : Turkey

Acoustic Louvers

Commercial Acoustics helps you make sound decisions with quality acoustical analysis. We manufacture all products to standard specifications or to your specific,customized,request.Our acoustical products applications include industrial noise control and HVAC noise control. We can attenuate noise from HVAC systems, building openings etc.  SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E

Acoustic Partitions

Acoustic Partitions is important to prevent sound transfer between certain spaces. Offices need confidential privacy. Neighbours sharing common walls need to have a reasonable degree of separation for basic comfort and privacy. Special areas like movie theaters or recording studios cannot tolerate intrusive sounds from other areas.  SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E

Sound Testing

Specialized microphones, pre-amplifiers and accelerometers can be used not only to measure sound levels, but to analyze the characteristics with high speed data processing and FFT analysis. Vibration monitoring and analysis can also be done at the same time with two channel units.  SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E

Noise & Vibration Study

We work with planners, developers, builders etc. and we understand how noise and vibration approvals fit into the planning and development process.During this for a new sensitive land use, such as a residential sub-division or a high-rise residential building,may require a noise and vibration impact study,if the development is close to a major traffic roadway or an industry.  SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E

Floating Floors

Floor isolation systems are incorporated into building design to minimize floor impact noise and airborne sound transmissions. Additional designed floor slab is supported by resilient mounts installed on the structural main slab.Floating Floors reduce the need for massive building construction by providing sound transmission loss.  SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E

Acoustic Doors

AKINCO manufactures and install high performance acoustic doors. With an acoustics range from Rw40dB to Rw 55dB our single and double-leaf acoustic door sets are the most efficien t, user friendly on the market. SEE MORE

 Origin : U.A.E

Wood Wool Acoustic Panels

AKINCO Acoustic Wood Wool is an environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics. The moisture-resistant material evens out air humidity by absorbing moisture from or emitting moisture to the ambient air.  SEE MORE

 Origin : Germany

Polyester Acoustic Panels

AKINCO Polyester Acoustic Panels are sound absorbing panels developed with environmental friendliness in mind. The panels are made from 100% polyester (60% PET-recycled fiber and 40% PET-virgin fiber) and are 100% recyclable. These Panels offer many environmental advantages over the traditional fiberglass sound absorption panel..  SEE MORE

 Origin : Germany

Aluminum Tubular Ceilings

The aluminum system is suitable for interiors requiring a premium aesthetic alternative to suspended tile or open cell ceilings. This comprises Aluminium rolled c-profiles which hook over the carrier. Costs can be controlled through wider profile spacing if required. It is a visually striking linear ceiling system.  SEE MORE

 Origin : Germany


Spary on Acoustic Insulation (Monoglass)

AKINCO represents Monoglass Incorporated in MENA Region for their products Monoglass & Sonoglass. Monoglass  Spray-On is an engineered product specifically designed as a thermal and acoustic insulation material for a wide variety of applications within the construction industry.

Origin –  North America


Acoustic Glass Windows

AKINCO Soundproof windows and doors reduce noise pollution by dissipating the sound wave and causing it to lose power. This is achieved by using materials that will absorb and reflect the pressure. Any material can do this, but soundproof windows are designed to optimise the natural properties of timber and glass in order to specifically combat noise.

Origin – U.A.E


Acoustic Vinyl Barrier

Recticel mass loaded flexible noise barrier  is HighPerformance acoustic sound isolation product. The product was developed to reduce the noise break-out from pipes, valves, Fan Housing and ductwork in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings, Ideal for both pipe and duct aging applications.

Origin – Turkey