Sound Testing


AKINCO can assist with all facets of acoustical testing, helping you meet third-party acoustical requirements defined by specifies, buyers, and regulatory authorities.cvbbc

At On-Site Acoustic Testing w e specialize in coming out to your workplace and performing non-invasive work place testing of the equipment and processes in your  factory, retail establishment, bar, night club, or office suite. We measure all kinds of noises ranging from heavy industrial equipment to heavy metal bands. We use the very techniques specified by OSHA, MSHA, and other regulatory bodies to make sure that your employees, partners, and patrons are safe. If there are violations, it’s best that YOU are the first person to know about it, rather than an agent from one of the regulatory bodies.

We offer noise surveys, dosimetric testing, noise maps, spectral analysis, and general noise testing of all kinds of workplaces.

Turnaround times for many of our tests are less than one week from Testing to issuing of test report.
Examples of products we test include:

  • Mechanical Equipment : Outdoor unitary air cond itioning equipment, ducted and non-ducted indoor air conditioning equipment, , fans, blowers and other air moving devices, machines, mechanical and electrical equipment and sub-assemblies.cxv
  • Building Materials and Assemblies: Partitions (i.e., office panels), walls, doors, windows and floor/ceiling assemblies, wall coverings, acoustical panels.

We all know that music and night life are truly tied together at the hip. Getting (and keeping) your patrons in just the right mood are great for business, and crucial in making your place the place to be. That said, there is a fine line between sound levels that are enjoyable and exciting, and those that are uncomfortable, or worse yet, unsafe! At On-Site Acoustic Testing, we will assess your current sound (both ambient and music) levels, and craft a compelling (but safe) soundscape for your patrons.

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