Sand Trap and Architectural Louvers


hjhkjkhArchitectural or External weather louvers as a protection of air conditioning systems against the direct ingress of rain, leaves and birds into fresh air and exhaust air openings. Under certain unfavourable conditions, such as heavy rain, and depending on the airflow velocity it might happen that slight quantities of water enter together with the air. This is why the airflow velocity in fresh air openings should not exceed 2 – 2.5 m/s.


  • Maximum width of 2400 mm, maximum height of 2310 mm, maximum area of 4 m² (aluminum variant also for continuous horizontal runs)
  • Low differential pressure due to aerofoil blades
  • Low air-regenerated noise
  • All aerodynamic data is measured in aerodynamics and acoustics laboratories
  • Available in standard sizes and many intermediate sizes
  • Simple and quick installation due to perimeter border
  • Variants made of galvanized sheet steel, aluminum or stainless steel
  • Flexible arrangement of sections for covering large areas (should then be fixed on a support structure which is to be provided by others)
  • Large areas can be provided by arranging multiple single sections horizontally and/or vertically (subdivided construction); single sections made of aluminium can also be combined into continuous horizontal runs
  • Low differential pressure and low air-regenerated noise due to aerofoil blades
  • Simple and quick installation due to perimeter border
  • Free area of approx. 60 % (with insect screen approx. 45 %)
  • Silicone free
  • Nominal sizes: 200 × 165 – 2400 × 1650/1600 × 2310 mm
  • Width subdivided: up to 4900 mm
  • Height subdivided: up to 4720 mm
  • Continuous horizontal runs (WG-B-AL): Height 165 – 1980 mm
  • Volume flow rate range (undivided construction): 40 – 13350 l/s or 144 – 48660 m³/h at 2.5 m/s
  • Free area of approx. 60 % (with insect screen approx. 45 %)
  • Total differential pressure – exhaust air: 30 Pa at 2.5 m/s
  • Total differential pressure – fresh air: 35 Pa at 2.5 m/s


The sand trap louver is used at the fresh air inlet duct of the air handling unit. It can lower the dust loading of conventional filtration as it is designed to separate large size sand particles at low to medium speeds. It is also fitted with a bird screen mesh protect against the unwanted objects. The sand trap louver is a self emptying system. It has a set of holes at the bottom face of the casing to discharge separated sand particles.

Sand Trap Louvers:


The Sand Trap Louver is used as pre-filter for the protection of air conditioning plants in area exposed to extreme levels of industrial pollution. It has a high degree of s eparation capability of sand and large dust particles, even in case of high dust concentrations. The vertically arranged sections and holes for sand drainage ensure the sand trap louver is self-cleaning and maintenance-free. The STL is designed to separate large particles at low air velocities, thus avoiding excessive dust loading of conventional filters. It’s not intended as a substitute for conventional supply air filtration plant. For bigger sizes, several sections can be combined to provide any combinations of overall width W or height H. STL with H – 1950 mm to 3900 mm are split on height and supplied with additional sand chute, loose for fitting on site by others. The additional support for reinforcement and assembly of the sand trap louvers with W – 1950 mm to 3900 mm are also split and supplied with a loose channel section to cap the vertical joint, channel to be fitted on site by others. Single Section Sizes Performance Data – The filtration performance is dependent on the dust type and the velocity of the air. The frame and blades are of high quality extruded aluminum profiled construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity. Composed two sets of inverted U-channels mounted vertically on two opposite rows. Drain holes of diameter 20 mm are provided in two rows at the bottom of the louver for emptying filtered sand and dust. Fixed with a removable washable extruded aluminum filter with aluminum mesh as the filter media. Filters are available at 12, 25 and 50 mm thickness as required. Total assembly is designed to operate at medium and high velocities with high dust holding capacity at low resistance to air flow. Can be manufactured from G.I or SS as option.


Designed for intake applications to separate sand from intake air. A typical efficiency / Performance data is shown in Fig. enclosed. Provided with self emptying sand drain holes from the base. Choice of either galvanized steel or aluminum construction. Variety of Bird and Insect Screen.ghghghgh


Natural aluminum anodized finish.

Finish as per RAL color code.

Flexibility of finishing available as option

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