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Hearing neighbor noise through your walls. Issues of night club noise transferring to the adjacent areas (guest rooms, meeting rooms etc.)Municipality’s regulation to achieve criteria’s (Example 65dB @ 3 meters) can only be achieved with additional acoustic treatments to existing concrete walls, floor and ceiling.Here is a basic list of approaches in order of effectiveness. Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a common measurement of sound isolation. A higher STC figure means more sound isolation.dsdsds

The Better and Best Solutions have significantly better low frequency (bass) isolation. This makes them advantageous if music or sound systems are involved.

The most dramatic improvement from this technique comes from the introduction of competent decoupling via the use of Sound Isolation Clips and Drywall/ ceiling Furring Channel. This solution incorporates all 4 Elements of Soundproofing. You have Decoupling, Absorption, Mass and Damping. Certainly the most labor intensive, it is also far and away the most thorough solution.

For achieving sound transmission class of more than STC 60, different configurations can be installed in ceiling and walls.This configuration with additions of staggered gypsum layers, insulations of various densities can be achieved with a skilled acoustic installation.

Mass Law – More density = more sound Reduction

Areas of applications:

  • Night Club, Dance Bars, Sports Bars etc.
  • Cinema Rooms, Auditorium, Home Cinema
  • Recording Studios, TV/FM Stations etc.


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