Acoustic Stretch Fabric Wall System


In this digitized, amplified, surround sound world, traditional building methods fail to provide for acoustical control of sound. The twin problems of reflection and reverberation may require that surfaces be acoustically treated and covered with fabric as a decorative finish. Acoustically treating walls has become as much a necessity for helping one listen to sound as quality speakers and systems are to transmitting sound.

Our Stretch Wall System is a virtually seamless acoustic panel system, configured and installed on site at your facility. Any number of available fabrics are stretched over acoustical substrate and tucked into the high-impact, extruded PVC track. This track allows us to cover large spans of space, create curves or shapes and easily installs around existing obstacles in the room.

A stretch wall system is the obvious choice for a clean looking, flexible system that will surely meet the design and acoustic goals for any project.

AKINCO high tension fabric mounting system that revolutionizes the way fabric can be applied to walls as both a decorative and acoustical wall finish.



  • Covers Any Size Wall
  • No Wall Preparation
  • No Lath
  • No Staples
  • No Welting/Gimp
  • Excellent Acoustical Control Finish
  • Flexible Choice of Fabrics
  • Choice of Installer or Do It Yourself
  • Removable & Replaceable Fabric
  • System is Reusable
  • Completely customizable
  • Seamless appearance
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Unlimited Design Possibilities
  • Ability to Cover long spans of wall space
  • Absorb, Block or Diffuse Sound
  • Variable Acoustical Substrates
  • Fabric is Interchangeable
  • Reduce reverberation and echo
  • Improves speech intelligibility
  • Whisper Walls authorized dealer
  • All Whisper Walls Wall and Ceiling systems are installed free of adhesives and sealants.

Areas of applications:

  • Houses of Worship,
  • Corporate offices,
  • Healthcare, Restaurants, Schools and Universities,
  • Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing Rooms,
  • Broadcast and Recording Studios,
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms, Home Theaters and Auditoriums.




Performance and sound absorption(HZ)
Thickness 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
1/2″ 0.08 0.17 0.41 0.70 0.91 1.01 0.55
1″ 0.11 0.32 0.79 1.03 1.08 1.08 0.80
           2″ 0.22 0.81 1.24 1.30 1.21 1.16 1.15


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