Acoustic Enclosures


AKINCO soundproof enclosures are designed to isolate noisy equipment from employees or adjacent neighbors. Our enclosure systems offer typical noise reductions of 20-55 dBA. S pecial custom systems incorporating heavier (th icker gage) panel shell, thicker panels or an enclosure within an enclosure are available to achieve higher levels of noise reduction. For enclosures the acoustic panels are designed for applications where a higher transmission loss is required. Standard panels are fabricated with an outer solid shell of 16 gage and inner perforated shell of 22 gage steel with a high mass septum added for increased acoustic performance. Panels are stiffened with 18 gage internal channels and edge rails. The acoustic grade fill is 2.5 to 6 pcf long strand fiberglass or mineral wool depending on the application and are inert, mildew resistant, vermin proof and incombustible. Panels are available in 4″ or 6″ thickness.wwe

Adding mass is another great way to isolate an instrument from noise. Adding mass increases the impedance of a system, so it will require more energy to excite the system. This makes adding mass to an object an effective means of eliminating low frequency noise, which tends to be lower energy.

Extremely massive systems present their own challenges in terms of mobility and usability. AKINCO acoustic enclosures are designed to be massive but a number of technologies are employed to mitigate the effects of using a massive enclosure.


  • Accessibility For Production & Maintenance
  • Access Doors For Controls, Personnel or Equipment
  • Proper Ventilation to Prevent Heat Build-Up
  • Viewing or Observation Windows
  • Power Supply to Equipment/Receptacles
  • Lighting Requirements – Standard/Explosion-Proof
  • Enclosure With Floor and/or Vibration Isolators
  • Penetrations
  • Intake Duct/In Feed
  • Discharge Duct/Out-Feed
  • Conduit/Piping
  • Ventilation/Silencers
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Effective Verifiable Noise Control
  • STC Values Up To 55
  • NRC Values .90 to 1.10
  • Complete Systems – With Doors, Windows, Louvers, Air Conditioning

Typical Acoustic Enclosure Applications

Acoustic enclosures are suitable for a variety of industrial applications and uses that include:

  • Compressor Enclosures provide a simple and cost effective solution for noise reduction of air compressors.
  • Diesel and Gas Generator Enclosures are an effective shield from noise-making generators and machinery.
  • Personnel Noise Shelters provide outstanding noise reduction and create a quiet comfortable workspace for staff at the heart of any manufacturing or industrial operation.
  • Sliding acoustic covers contain noise emissions from industrial plant and allow easy access during maintenance or replacement. One person can manoeuvre the sliding sections with ease.
  • Soundproof Observation/Control Rooms and Offices provide staff with a quiet working environment and protect them from the risk of hearing damage due to noisy plant and machinery.

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