Acoustic Doors


adAKINCO manufactures and install high performance acoustic doors. With an acoustics range from Rw40dB to Rw 55dB our single and double-leaf acoustic door sets are the most efficien t, user friendly on the market.

The acoustic range of steel door sets has been developed using mineral wool cores to meet specific acoustic performance requirements. The range has been tested independently third party tested to ensure the performance characteristics of the door set. The doors consist of door leaves that contain an acoustic infill in the form of mineral rock wool, selected to provide high damping and minimum acoustic coupling to ensure high transmission loss. The doors come in complete sets that include frames, latch, locking system, hinges and door closer where applicable. Due to the heavy weight of the door leaves, a special designed adjustable ball bearing hinges are use to ease the opening and closing of the door. High quality powder coating finish is used to ensure best performance and aesthetic appearance.

At AKINCO ,we strive for design excellence and flexibility, whether it be in unique design features or specialist fire rated or sliding acoustic applications, our high performance steel doors solve problems of noise transfer, loss, interference or pollution in a manner you would expect from a global innovator.

We are also committed to ensuring we deliver safety and aesthetic excellence. Whether it be our unique new powder coat wood grain finish or a polyester powder coat or Stainless Steel, Finished/Brushed steel, Galvanized or surface clad preparation our eye for detail ensures perfect environmental tie-in.add



  • Airport Services
  • Broadcasting
  • Building Services
  • Education
  • Entertainment and Leisure
  • Healthcare
  • Industry
  • Law Enforcement
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Typical Acoustic Door Applications

The perimeter frame seals are self-adhesive seals mounted in the frame rebate, so are hidden when the door is closed.ad2

The bottom seal (Type T) is an aluminium threshold (natural anodised) with integral seal.

The height of the gap between the finished floor level and the bottom of the door must be set up carefully during installation of the door set so that the door will engage with the threshold seal as intended.

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