Acoustic Ceiling Tiles/ Metal Tiles


Metal ceilings are different. The density of their surface and the aesthetic restraint of their design offer the architect and builder particular creative op tions and solutions for many types of building projects. In AKINCO we have a wide range of tiles in galvanized sheet steel and aluminum with a powder coated paint finish. With its diverse design conc epts it suits not only new build projects but can also be used with confidence in the framework of renovation and refurbishment projects. The metal tiles provide particularly good acoustics by virtue of the different surface perforations that also create to an overall design pattern on the tiles.

The tiles can be installed in several di fferent ways: lay in, clip in, hook-on and bandraster hook-on. The necessary suspension sections and components are all available for example hangers, main runner sections, cross sections, wall trims and wall springs etc.

Perforation Patterns: The geometry of are available with various different surface perforation patterns – from large holes to the very finest micro-perforations. These facilitate the optimization of reverberation times to suit the acoustics and design requirements of areas.

The optimum acoustic feature of these steel tiles is the 40,000 tiny holes per m2 that provide the reduction of sound energy and a balanced relationship of sound absorption and sound reflection.

Material: Galvanized Sheet Steel or Aluminium

2.5 mm - 8 % open area

2.5 mm – 8 % open area

1.5 mm - 22 % open area

1.5 mm – 22 % open area

1.8 mm - 20.8 % open area

1.8 mm – 20.8 % open area


Technical Data

Building material class: A1 to EN 13501-1
Thickness: 0.5 mm
Color: similar RAL 9010
Light reflection: approx. 86 (ISO 7724-2, ISO 7724-3)
Sound reduction: from 15 dB to 44 dB
Sound absorption: NRC = 0.50
Fire protection: * up to F 90 (DIN 4102)


Mineral Acoustic Ceiling Tiles:

Mineral fibre ceilings are made up from a mixture of materials, from naturally occurring resources to recycled and processed materials. Many mineral fibre ceiling systems boast excellent qualities including acoustic performance and fire resistance. With a huge selection to choose from, you can benefit from a ceiling system that fully complements the environment, offering a contemporary, attractive appearance that boasts great functionality. Our ceiling tiles are 15mm and 19mm thick, very fine textured mineral fiber ceiling tile designed for a broad range of suspended ceiling applications.x

AKINCO ceiling tiles are manufactured from sound absorbing base board finished with an acoustically transparent and durable surface facing resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria.

These tiles provides very good all round acoustic performance with NRC .65 – .75 and CAC 36 – 39.

Dimension: 1200×600 Square edge

Also available in 1200×610 & 600x600mm Tegular & Square edge

Key Selection Attribute:xxxx

  • Cost effective ceiling solution
  • High acoustic performance options
  • Reliable, proven performance
  • High Light Reflectance
  • Humi Guard plus Performance

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