Acoustic Ceiling Baffles


AKINCO Ceiling Cloud Mount Panels are the answer to your acoustical and aesthetic needs with their strong sound-absorbing performance, durability and elegant appearance. Once installed, these suspended ceiling clouds will absorb echo and reverberation, improving the room acoustics of the interior space. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, AKINCO cloud panels allow you to create an effective sound control treatment that is distinctly appropriate for your environment. These hanging panels come in standard or custom sizes, up to 4’ x 8’ in 1” or 2” thicknesses.acp

The use of free-hanging units as acoustic baffles provide flexibility and a multitude of acoustic solutions to problems related to acoustic design. Where free-hanging acoustic units are used to improve poor acoustics, solitary units give the benefit of diffraction, with a larger area of the absorbing acoustic baffle being exposed to the sound field. Both effects can be used to increase sound absorbing properties.

In large, noisy environments such as open-plan areas, restaurants, shopping centres etc., free-hanging baffles can be installed close to working areas or other locations where acoustic treatment is needed in order to achieve suitable conditions for communication, concentration or recovery. Acoustic baffles are suitable in, for instance, reception and information counters, refreshment areas, or included in larger, noisy spaces.

Sound absorbing acoustic baffles can also be used in environments where sound absorbing ceilings do not provide sufficient absorption. By supplementing with suspended horizontal absorbers or baffles, the acoustic environment can be improved with a reduction of the sound level and sound propagation.


  • Allows more space on ceiling for services.
  • Enables natural light to come through.
  • Allows easy access to services located on ceiling.
  • Greater area of absorbing material can be used, particularly for high ceilings.
  • Can be easily installed on a T-section suspended ceiling grid or individually suspended.
  • Can be used where concrete soffit needs to be exposed for thermal reasons.
  • Can be of different colors to suit theme.
  • Quickly demountable.
  • Height can be easily adjusted.
  • Colours can be used to create visually stunning effects.

Technical Information:

  • Sizes: Choose from standard sizes or custom sizes up to 4’x8′
  • Thickness: 1″ & 2″
  • Finish: Camira Cara Fabric
  • Density: 96kg/m3 to 120kg/m3
  • Edge Detail: Options for Square, Bevel, Radius, Miter Edge details (Natural or Chemically Hardened)
  • Fire Rating: Class A
  • NRC: 1″ (0.85) 2″ (1.15)


Performance and sound absorption(HZ)
Thickness 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NCR
1″ 0.14 0.27 0.80 1.11 1.14 1.14 0.85
2″ 0.22 0.81 1.24 1.30 1.21 1.16 1.15

Edge Details/ Options

5555 When using free-hanging units as a complement to wall-to-wall acoustic ceiling, it is often better to split the free-hanging units into smaller groups and distribute these over the total ceiling area than to use larger free-hanging acoustic baffles irregularly over the ceiling. Division into smaller clusters will enhance the diffraction effect and contribute to a more diffuse sound field.


If a workplace is near reflecting walls, the recommendation is to use wall absorbers as a complement to the free-hanging units.

Free-hanging units increase the ability to localise sound sources in the vicinity of a workplace. This will increase the sensation of control and create a less stress-induced environment.


Baffles are vertically suspended in rows and columns spreading across the expanse of your ceiling as best you can.  Our clients provide their own mount method to the ceiling, including wire to thread through our grommets and then the fastening technique to your ceiling, such as J hooks, screws, or twist tied to the top of your joists.   The baffles are designed to tuck up inside your  runs of joists, with the bottom of the baffle equal or slightly higher than the bottom of the joist.   If your ceiling is finished, drywall anchor screws or J hooks work great.   If your ceiling is a drop grid tile system, append clips to the grid, thread the wire through the clip and through the grommets to easily support the baffle.


Using Suspension Wires

Clean white gloves must be used when handling to avoid marking the baffles. Install the first baffle and check that the installation is satisfactory before proceeding with the rest of the installation.


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