AKINCO represent Middle East’s leading company in the field of noise control and soundproofing solutions covering whole MENA region. AKINCO is technology driven business-to-business Company that has unique expertise in acoustics, vibration reduction, other industrial applications related to noise issues. At the heart of the organization are our people who focus on what is important to the customer.We develop the most effective design and our clients get benefit from our knowledge and experience. Once the product is ready for market, we supply just-in-time so that your production line never comes to a standstill. AKINCO also uses acoustic materials or components for spatial acoustics. For example, if you want to absorb the reverberations in a meeting room, acoustic panels may be a good solution. If we do not have a readily available solution in our webpage, we can create a custom-made product.

Turnkey Solutions

It may be that the solution to your noise issues is best provided in the form of a total product: a turnkey solution. In that case AKINCO ensures that the source of the noise is completely insulated through means our noise control products. In actual practice such sources often consist of machinery, equipment or installations that vary significantly in terms of size and level of noise. AKINCO delivers these solutions ready-made and custom made, without any need for concern on your part. Our project managers guide the entire process, from sound measurement to final assembly.

Architectural Acoustics

Architectural acoustics deals with sound in and around buildings of all kinds. Good acoustical design ensures the efficient distribution of desirable sounds as well as the exclusion of undesirable sound. It is the branch of acoustics that comes most readily to mind when a layperson thinks of “acoustics.”

Building Acoustics

The field of building acoustics consists of two parts; Room Acoustics which deals with sound propagation in a room and Building Acoustics, which deals with sound propagation between rooms.Building acoustics is more related to unwanted sound, i.e. when you want to hear as little as possible of what is going on in adjacent rooms.

Mechanical Acoustics

Building mechanical systems are a common cause of noise complaints.The noise control engineers at AKINCO Engineering LLC work with project mechanical engineers to ensure that HVAC systems produce levels of sound that are appropriate for building occupants.

Noise Control

AKINCO delivers clever solutions for every situation, from demanding recording studios to offices, restaurants, buildings, industry, offices and schools.Noise problems can usually be rectified.AKINCO Team includes Acoustic Engineers, specialized in Building acoustics, Designers, and Senior Acousticians certified from Institute of Acoustics (IOA)-UK.