AKINCO delivers clever solutions for every situation, from demanding recording studios to offices, restaurants, buildings, industry, offices and schools.Noise problems can usually be rectified. The AKINCO range of products does the job and adds esthetic values to any environment. We have solutions in all price ranges.AKINCO Team includes Acoustic Engineers, specialized in Building acoustics, Designers, and Senior Acousticians certified from Institute of Acoustics (IOA)-UK.

We also utilize our Research Department to develop customized products to satisfy your every need. AKINCO has the most advanced software tools available to accurately simulate the finalized acoustic result. AKINCO is committed to personal attention to your project. At AKINCO, we will go the extra step to solving your Space and Noise Control concerns.

AKINCO, a solution provider to our customers around the world irrespective of their size or location. We start by understanding a customers specific needs and requirements. This is then distilled by our application engineers into a detailed briefing document from which the most appropriate solution can be developed. In addition to our standard product range, we are ideally placed to provide customer specific solutions. We are committed to success and confident that we will continue to provide great Acoustic Space and Noise Control Solutions for our clients as we develop & promote this very exciting industry. We source the best products at competitive prices to suit your budget. Our products are from U.A.E, Europe, UK made and to the highest standards.

AKINCO is dedicated to provide great acoustics, enhancing rooms for great sound combined with the best possible design. Our company’s vision is to provide the best products and services for acoustic treatment. Always guaranteeing best quality of material, stunning design options and perfect results. Combined with skilled consulting and a portfolio of material from a wide range of products available under the registered trademark AKINCO. AKINCO’s mission is to improve the acoustics of any environment by combining outstanding performance with attractive and modern design.
AKINCO is always about focus and maintaining a high level of quality products. The flexible company structure quickly adapts to market needs. The company’s extensive portfolio includes a range of absorption, isolations and insulation products.

AKINCO centers its work on product development and manufacturing, always combining excellent performance with the best design, product distribution and product/project support. AKINCO, with new facilities, equipment, new production and coating systems, is able to reply faster and more efficiently to any custom project requests received. This enables the company to produce any color or shape that may be requested by the customer. In addition, AKINCO invested significant time to establish a wide network of development partners. Always guaranteeing state-of-the-art solutions and the best time-to-market performance possible. The company’s dedicated team of engineers, designers and researchers is able to monitor and constantly optimize the entire process of product and project delivery.


1) Superior Customer Service

Our passion is to improve sound and noise issues for our customers. Our aim is to use our technical expertise to ensure that each customer is presented with the most effective solution for their situation, aesthetic preferences, and budget.

2) Honesty and Integrity

We keep our promises. We believe that openness and truthfulness are key to our long term success.